Cheat Pet Ninja Saga 2013 Work Fiddler

Cheat Pet Ninja Saga 2013 Work Fiddler

Pet Ninja Saga are creatures that support ninja character in battle. They can be purchased at a Pet Shop or a ninja by Chunin rank higher. In addition, you can exchange 25 friendship kunai (by inviting friends) to Kame, Katsura, or Takachi (Takachi). Animals get 20% of the profits from the mission and player XP battle. Animals that are disabled can be leveled at the Villa Pet by paying with Gold and wait for some time.

Cheat Pet Ninja Saga 2013 Work Fiddler
The Fature increase full power effect : damage, stun, burning etc, the cheat use fiddler and download now swf file:
tools fiddler

1. Download fiddler and swf file
2. Open fiddler and drag All swf to fiddler
3. Open ninja saga and clear cache browser
4. Reload Page Ninja Saga
5.You Have Power Full Pets Now
6. Enjoy

Download SWF File
Copy Link and Paste To the new bar In Your Browser
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Cheat Pet Ninja Saga 2013 Work Fiddler
Download Link :
Pass rar: cheat-afrix

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